Know your CHILI

Know your CHILI


When it comes to mobile solutions for you, CHILI is an established player in the telecommunications sector. With our pioneering spirit to launch the lowest tariffs on the island, we aim at being ‘The coolest you’ll get!’

  • Best Tariffs
    When it comes to tariffs, there are plenty of options for you to chose. Our tariffs have been developed with our customers in mind, making sure that all your calls are at incredible low prices.
  • Incoming Call Bonus
    CHILI customers get incoming call bonus of Rs 0.10/min for all calls received on their CHILI mobile from other networks. The more calls you receive, the more bonus you will have.

How-to guide

1. To know your balance

Dial *222# and press SEND/CALL button.
You will receive a message confirming your new balance and its validity

2. How to recharge

Dial *111* enter 13 digit pin number followed by # and then press SEND/CALL button. You will receive a message confirming your new balance and its validity

3. To recharge another account

  1. Dial 5959 1111
  2. Select the language
  3. Press 1 to recharge own account & Press 2 for Others
  4. Follow the instructions as per IVR flow.

4. To change your tariff plan

For Prepaid customers:

  • To convert to Uni Plan send SMS text “act uni” to 8200.
  • To convert to Basic Plan send SMS text “act basic” to 8200.
  • To convert to Cool Plan send SMS text “act cool” to 8200.
  • To convert to One Rupee Wonder Plan send SMS text “act one” to 8200.

For Postpaid customers:

To convert the plan the customer needs to give an application along with their proof of identity and a proof of address to the nearest MTML Customer Care Centre.

For assistance, please contact customer care on 8960.

5. To set up mobile internet

For GPRS/EDGE access

  • Access Point Name (APN) : mtml
  • No settings required for Username & password.
  • Data bearer – packet data

For WAP/MMS access

  • Access Point Name (APN): wapmtml
  • Homepage:
  • Data bearer: Packet data
  • Proxy server address:
  • Proxy port number: 80

6. Caller tunes

  • To Register: Dial 8585 or send SMS text “SUB” to 8585
  • To Set song: Dial 8585 or send SMS text “SET <Song ID>” to 8585
  • To Unsubscribe: Dial 8585 or send SMS text “UNSUB” to 8585


 MTML registration form
Terms & conditions

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    1. Prem Tiwari

      Send SMS “act net” to 8200, to activate internet on the SIM. You may activate various packs like Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.

      Then add Internet APN settings manually
      1. From your Home screen, tap.
      2. Find and tap Settings > More > Mobile networks.
      3. Tap Access Point Names >
      4. Tap Name and enter a name as : mtml
      5. Tap APN and enter the access point name as : mtml.
      6. No Other data required
      7. When you’re done, tap , then tap SAVE.
      For More assistance either call helpline – 8960 or visit any MTML Shop.

      1. Marie

        It’s not working ! When I’m sending the message ‘act net’ to 8200, I’m getting the reponse ‘Invalid format’ !

        1. Chili Team

          Dear Madam,
          Pls ensure that there is NO extra space between “act net”. Generally we have seen that Few mobile creates 2 space between act and net. Otherwise pls give your CHiLi Number we will activate from back end or you may call helpline on 8960 for activating any internet package on your mobile.

        1. Prem Tiwari

          Dear Aditi,
          Pls Visit nearest MTML shop for the PUK, which shall be given after due customer profile verification.

  1. Luvish Seeparsad


    I am using the iPhone 6s plus and I’ve notices that I don’t get 4G data on my phone. Does Chili support 4G data on LTE devices or only supports 3G. And if you guys do support LTE devices, how can it be activated?


    1. Chili

      Hello. We have 4G on LTE in select areas in the country. Our 4G network is under upgrade and very soon we shall have wider coverage across the island. Visit any MTML shop to activate and experience the same.

    1. Chili

      To activate Internet on CHILI SIM, Send SMS “act net” and set APN as “mtml” on your phone.
      For more assistance call helpline – 8960.

  2. Divya

    Hello my balance will expire tomorrow but when I’m trying to recharge my balance today, I get a message saying “not registered on network”.
    Help please

  3. Steve

    Hi I am Steve I am from India my sister is working in Mauritius she is using the chili Sim card everytime I call to her phone rings after three rings automatically it is charged Rs 12 for a minute I already spent rs 130 Indian rupees on it but I didn’t even speak to her when she called me I asked I called up so many times she told me I didn’t get your call what is this how eargerly I called her to talk she didn’t even receive the call how can you take amount for this this is cheating I never expected from your network what’s happening what’s the reason let me know On urgent basis

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Dear Steve, you must take this issue with your Mobile Service provider in India as the call has to come to our network from your operator and also your operator should charge you only after the call connection with the destination. We fully appreciate your concern but we have limited control on Incoming calls to our network.

    1. Chili

      CHiLi does not activate Internet packages automatically.
      The user has to activate the package as per their requirement.
      Hence it is not needed to send STOP on 8200 to deactivate any Internet package.

    1. Chili

      Presently we have 4G network in select areas like Ébène, Curepipe, Port Louis . But by end of April 2017 we will have optimal 4G coverage across the island.

  4. J

    Do subscribers in Mauritius have to pay for incoming calls (international incoming calls) even on a local sim? Do all networks charge for incoming calls?

  5. Harsh

    when I am dialing *666# to know the mobile number it says “Not registered on network”. I cannot register my chili sim without knowing my chili sim number. Help me out how to find the mobile number

    1. Chili

      Dear Sir, technically if your SIM is in good working condition, you must get the CHILI Mobile Number by dialing “*666#”, but in case you are getting “Not registered on network”, you are requested to visit any MTML Shop, they shall find the Mobile Number based on SIM card’s number.

    1. Chili

      Hello. Presently we do not have any user Interface to check the balance, however you may call helpline on 8960 to find the Call and Internet balance.

    1. Chili

      Hello. Our packages are not auto-renewed. After the validity period, the pack will end until the next time you send the activation request for renewal.

  6. John

    Hi thank you Chili for the amazing specials and great rates. I changed from emtel a year ago and never had a moments regret. Thank you.

    I have one query though, I live in flacq and there doesn’t seem to be LTE coverage.

  7. sophie

    hello yesterday i got a sim and there was 100mb .. now when im checking there is 0mb and i have not using it … i have active the but i was not able to use it …


    Dear Sir
    I have been sent a brand new Sim card to use when I land in Plaisance airport. I also have a top up card for 100 rupees.After entering the Pin nos will I be able to immediately make a call to anyone OR does anything have to be activated before use for the first time ?
    thank you.

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Ahmad, you can immediately make calls. Enjoy our services and especially our international call rates.

  9. R

    Hello. My package will expired in 2 days. But i still have 200mb on it. If i take another package, will i be able to use the other 200mb that i have, or not?

  10. Parameshwaree Munisamy-Odoye

    I am having network problems. I can’t make calls on from my sim . My husband uses Chili as well. He also is facing the same issue. Could you check this asap. Thank you.

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Sir/Madam to configure your mobile data please go to Setting -Wireless & Network – Select More Network – Select Access Point Name – Create new APN – Name : mtml & APN: mtml and save. Then send act net on 8200 via sms.

  11. Tracy

    Hello, I’ve activated ‘act auto1’ and want to stop it. i tried ‘stop auto1’ to 8303 but there is no response and money is being deducted everyday. What should i do??

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Tracy, send “act auto1” on 8303 it will deactivate your service request shortly. If you do not received any confirmation message please call on 8960 and give your CHiLi Number to the agent for needful.

  12. Dishaan


    I tried the weekly package for a double data bonus 800mb but I got only 400mb in the message I received. I’m not happy after seeing this.. Also, is there any keywords to check the remaining data of the package??


    1. CHiLi

      Hi, to check your balance dial *222# and press SEND/CALL button. You will receive a message confirming your balance as well as SMS and data left.

  13. Ajay Mohan

    How to know the data balance available? *222# is showing the credit balance. To know internet balance what is the format?

  14. Jibraan

    Hello, i’ve recently bought a chili sim card. But when I first used it yesterday, it was inactive and says that the sim card is already expired. WHAT??

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Jibraan, we apologise for late reply, are you still having problem with your SIM? You can contact us on 8960 or send us your phone number so we can see what is the problem.

    1. CHiLi

      Hi Rohan, are you still having connection problems? You can send us your phone number or call on 8960 so that we can help you.

    1. CHiLi

      CHiLi does not activate Internet packages automatically.
      The user has to activate the package as per their requirement.
      Hence it is not needed to send STOP on 8200 to deactivate any Internet package.

  15. Karshik

    Hello .
    I have already activated my internet .
    APN already set .
    But i cant use Mobile Data to browse on google or to chat in Snapchat . However I can usefacebook ,WhatsApp and Instagram .
    It has been almost 1 year since I have this problem.

  16. Prithvi

    I lost my phone with my sim and registered on my mom name
    How to get the same number again pls
    And how much time it will take thanks

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Prithvi, if the simcard is registered on your Mother’s name, she will have to visit any CHiLi Shop with her NID card (New) to rebuild a new simcard at Rs 100/-. She will get a new simcard with same number on the same day.

  17. kevin

    j’arrive pas á telephoner une personne
    quand j’appelle quelqu’un il me montre (transfert d’apel condiotionel activé
    une solution svp

    1. CHiLi

      Bonjour Kevin, pour désactiver le renvoi d’appel allez à la configuration d’appel, sélectionnez renvoi d’appel-appel vocal-puis sélectionnez l’option que vous souhaitez désactiver.

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Timothy if your simcard is registered on your name, please visit any CHiLi Shop with your NID card and our agents shall rebuild your simcard to Nano size simcard at Rs 100/-

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