1. Camille B

    Free sms valid if sent to a non-chili number? and what happens if all free sms are not used during the 30 days?

    1. Post author

      Hello. Yes, bonus SMS can be sent across all networks. After 30 days, any remaining SMS will expire. Once Pack Zenes is re activated, you will receive 750 SMS.

  2. ravi

    Hi Chilli,

    I want to buy on Chilli SIM to test your network.
    I see that you also do free home delivery of SIMs and already configured.
    Do you have network coverage in Rodrigues??

  3. shu

    Hi i bought a sim card chili today at about 5. 30 pm ..when would it be activated and how will i know??? and can i directly sms for the internet pack or do i need to configure the phone first by coming to your showroom?

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Shu, can you please provide us the CHiLi Number and the retail shop you bought the simcard.

      You require to configure your Access Point Name as mtml. Then send act net on 8200. Once your sim is Internet enable you will be able to browse internet services.

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