1. CHiLi

      Hello Zaafir, you should share pictures of supporters on our Facebook page with #chilispirit. You may win bean bags if you more likes than others. Good Luck !

  1. Jaabir

    What if i already have data ? Will the 30gb be added to my actual data available ? And will the expiry date be extended by one month if i purchase the pack ? And is the Rs 200 vat included price ?

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Jaabir, 30GB unlimited is at Rs 200+VAT = Rs 230. If you purchase the 30GB unlimited, your actual data will remain unused and you will benefit from unlimited data. After 30GB, speed limit will be restricted.

      1. Levish Dindoyal

        I’m Levish Dindoyal and I use Emtel and orange but I stay at Depinay and I want to use chili from where can I buy it

  2. Krishna

    Thats awesome ..chilli keep rocking im the biggest fan of chilli ..i love chilli ..i love chilli packages and all chilli services and i have lots of ideas that can help chilli to crush all its competitors!!! I recomend chilli to the max!!

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Luchmeu, when you exceed 30GB, your speed will be restricted to 1Mbps but your usage will continue to be unlimited till validity of pack.

    1. CHiLi

      Bonjour Bhavish, avec vos 30GB vous pouvez regarder tout ce que vous voulez en streaming. A noter que dépassant 30GB votre vitesse sera restreinte.
      Activez votre 30GB d’internet mobile en envoyant “act play” au 8200 et surfez sur internet ! 😉

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