1. Keeshan

    Good morning Chili
    Since last year i was using a internet mobile package
    act daily 1gb
    For rs42
    I was getting a package of 1000mb
    Then it has been stop why??

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Keeshan,
      Please note that Daily 1GB is a daily package which stops automatically the next day.
      Daily 1GB is at Rs 44+VAT
      To activate please send “act daily1gb” on 8200.

        1. CHiLi

          Hello Afz, all our data packages are cumulative if a new package is activated before expiry date and time of the current pack.

        1. Post author
          Chili admin

          Hello Natasha, our packages are not auto-renewable. You need to activate new package to receive same package again. Therefore, there is no need to stop the package.

  2. Rajen Luchmun

    I have already activate my internet package of 1.25 gb and 1.25 sms but I can’t get any connection through this package .My mobile data is on. Please suggest what to do. Thanks

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Rajen,
      please verify if your Access point Name is correctly set to mtml. If not please go to settings, select Wireless & Network, Access Point Name – Create New APN – Name : mtml & access Point Name : mtml.

  3. HDB

    Hi, can you please do this promo again.>>
    CHILI offers monthly Unlimited Internet only at Rs 375. SMS “act 5gb” to 8200. Beyond usage of 30 GB speed will be restricted. Offer valid only today 21.05.18.

    1. CHiLi

      Hello, this promo is not valid for the moment. However, we have 30GB Unlimited internet for a month at Rs 200+VAT only. To activate send “act play” on 8200. Thanks

      1. tony

        For how long is the 30GB valid? and will the unused data be carried forward if I buy another package before the expiry date?

        1. CHiLi

          Hello Tony, the 30GB package is valid for one month. However, it is an unlimited package which is not cumulative. Therefore, it cannot be carried forward.

        1. CHiLi

          Hello HDB, the 30GB offer at Rs 200 is valid till 15th July 2018.
          To enjoy this package, send “act play” on 8200

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Koodruth, if the simcard is registered on your name, please visit any CHiLi shop with your NID and request to enable your Internet services on your CHiLi Number. You will be required to subscribe to a monthly mobile data plan – 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB.

      If you have already subscribed for the above plan, you may go to setting – Mobile data – Access point Name – Name : mtml & APN : mtml. Save

  4. DJP

    Hi, please extend the unlimited 30gb/month or provide another similar package.
    Good service,keep it on.


  5. shafeeq

    Do you have monthly unlimited data (valid for 30 days)?
    If yes may i know the price and code please.

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Shafeeq,
      We actually have a special promo till 15th July. Unlimited 30GB at Rs 200. To activate send “act play” on 8200

        1. Post author
          Chili admin

          Hello Saoud, which package do you want to activate? Please note that on some special days we have special packages valid for this particular day only. Therefore, if you try to activate the plan another day it won’t work.

  6. Anikhet

    I bought the 30 GB pack, 5 weeks ago and now my internet speed should have return to its normal state. The time of validity of the package is over. So why is it still restricted at 50 kbps when i activated another package???

    before exceeding the 30 GB package the speed was ok, ranging from 500 kbps to 750 kbps during the day.
    .After exceeding it is at 20 to 50 kbps even though it is expired and i bought another 1gb daily pack..

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Anikhet, we thank you for using CHiLi, can you please switch off/on your mobile data and see if the speed is back to normal. If not please send us your number for verification or call on 8960 for assistance.

  7. Fezal

    What if I take a Daily package everyday for 30 days? Then :
    40MB x 30 Days = 1.2GB, 20 SMS x 30 Days = 600 SMS, Rs6 x 30 Days = Rs180

    What if I take a Weekly package everyweek for 4 weeks? Then :
    400MB x 4 Weeks = 1.6Gb, 50 SMS x 4 Weeks = 200 SMS, Rs45 x 4 Weeks = Rs180

    So, in both cases, the Daily and Weekly package beats the 1.25GB monthly package in price, amount of GB and SMS… And by subscribing to 2 weekly packages a week, its still cheaper and more advantageous in GB and SMS than the 2GB package…

    Do you guys plan to make the monthly packages cheaper anytime soon so that those who subscribe to it have a REAL advantage?

    Just asking…

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Fezal, we thank you for using CHiLi. We have various internet packages so that each user can choose the most appropriate one for them. We also regularly have promotional offers on our data packages such as: activate weekly 400 MB at Rs 39+vat and get 800 MB instead, monthly 1.25GB at Rs 98+vat instead of Rs 196+vat. You can choose the most appropriate package which will fit your needs.
      Stay connected ! Wonderful offers coming soon !

  8. Melanie

    Hello..are messages in package cumulative when renewed? If so, can we send the free sms to any other person using other operator’s sim card? Thank You

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Melanie,
      Yes messages are cumulative when renewed and you can send free SMS to people from any operator.

  9. Jes


    I activated an auto daily pack few months ago and each time I refill my mobile balance, it deducts a certain amount of money without prompting. I can’t find any instructions on how to cancel it.
    I would like to stop the subscription. Please advise on the steps.

    Thank you

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Jes,

      Please send us your CHiLi number or call on 8960 to remove the Auto Daily pack subscription. Thanks

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Nazir, we have the monthly unlimited promo available today. To activate send “act 5GB” on 8200. Beyond 30GB speed will be restricted. Offer Valid only today 15th October 2018.

  10. Jess

    Do you have monthly package of 75 gB or 100 gB for C-wingle?And if so at what price.I would also like to know what is the internet speed available for C-wingle.

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Akshe, you should go to setting – Mobile data – Access point Name – Name : mtml & APN : mtml. Save

  11. estella

    Slt comment faire pour avoir l’Internet à domicile…par exemple si j’achète un sim card chilli… est ce que je dois toujours utiliser des package…ou bien je peux faire installer l’Internet à domicile… MERCI

  12. Joseph Wong

    What are the different package plans for unlimited monthly mobile internet you have?
    What are the differences between the different unlimited monthly plans available? Are the unlimited package plans only available for a short time or continuously?

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello, we are currently running a promotional Unlimited data plan offer at Rs 299+vat where you will receive unlimited 1GB daily for 30 days. To activate please send “act fun” on 8200.

        1. Post author
          Chili admin

          Hello skadoodle, please note that we often have promos on our internet packages on specific days. You shall be informed by text messages of the new promos we have.

  13. Abdul

    Even when i take the package of Rs 6 and i turn on mobile data i cannot get access to the internet!! Could you help me through this?

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Abdul, please check if data has been activated on your mobile. To activate > set access Point Name (APN) : mtml >No settings required for Username & password.
      If Internet is still not working, please call on 8960 so that we can assist you in the process. Thanks

  14. Brian

    When the price plan will expired?Since two years i wasn’t using chili sim card but yesterday i bought one and when i tried to send act net mtml replied try after the expiry of the plan.

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Brian, which plan have you activated and when?
      You can call on 8960 our customer service agent will be pleased to help you.

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Radhashtami, our 30GB unlimited internet package is available now. You can send “act fun” to 8200 and Rs 299 will be credited from your account.

  15. Kalyan

    Hi Chili team,
    I have taken the promotional Unlimited data plan offer at Rs 299+vat where you will receive unlimited 1GB daily for 30 days. After 1GB finished within a day, what is the fair usage policy?

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Kalyan, with the unlimited 1GB per day, your speed will be reduced only if you exceed 1GB in a day. Then on the next day, you will get 1GB and your speed will be normal.

  16. menon

    I used to receive your promotional offers several times a week as text on my mobile but stopped when my credit ran out. I have topped up already but no promo offers are coming through.
    Please instruct how to get these back.


    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Menon, please call on 8960 and give your phone number. We shall then add it to the list when sending promotional offers.

  17. Bhugaloo shahbaaz

    Act net….how does it work?
    Yesterday I just bought a chilli sim
    I bought a pack of 1 month
    Today it said,its over

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Bhugaloo, “act net” is used to activate data on your mobile phone. However regarding your package, please call our customer care on 8960 and give them your phone number they will verify same.

  18. Shreyas Bhinkah

    Hello. I am a chili user and wanted to know if the 2.gb (Pre-UL monthly-Rs299), available in the chili sim toolkit in internet packages, if the 2.5Gb is renewed daily at midnight????

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Sheryas, we have different special packages. Please advise which one are you referring to since you mentioned 2GB then 2.5GB.
      Please note that we have a special offer – Unlimited 30GB at Rs 299/month and this one you get 1GB per day renewable daily at midnight. This offer, together with other special offers we have, are valid on specific days. You will receive a message on your mobile phone informing you of the different special packages we offer and when you can activate same.

      1. Shreyas Bhinkah

        In the MTML sim toolkit, there is an option available in internet packages which is Month-2GB.
        I clicked on it and received a message which mentionned the the Pre UL-2.5Gb month is active. It cost Rs 299.
        I just want to know if the 2.5 Gb (speed limit) renews itself at midnight daily like the unlimited 30GB month???

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Azgar, this offer, together with other special offers we have, are valid on specific days. You will receive a message on your mobile phone informing when you can activate same.

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