1. Stephane

    Un tres bon debut. Mo esperer li pou ena real time balance pou wingle aussi parceki mo trouve li fatigant pou moi ek un supplémentaire pou ban conseillers at mtml pou bizin al check balance chaque kut pou moi! Mais bravo and keep it up lads!

    1. Eloisha

      Bjr zordi mo p fer n comment moi mo n ti ki kontan chili mo papa kon les mo rant lor face so enterner bien bien bon li pa bloke ek mo balace res pareye mo bien bien kontan chili cools chili

  2. Amit

    Chilli is the best. Network is outstanding. The best tariff for international and local calls.
    Am of opinion that the network should be upgraded to g4.
    Surprising data offer compared to others. Good management.

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