C’est l’occasion de se faire plaisir et d’échanger vos points. Pleins d’offres vous attendent sur l’application mobile CHILI PLAY.

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Pour nos chers abonnés qui n’ont pas encore téléchargé l’application mobile, CHILI PLAY est disponible sur Google Play Store id=app.inapps chili et App Store mt==8:

Suivez le lien pour plus d’informations sur CHILI PLAY.

La chasse au trésor “CHILI TREZOR” vous tente aussi? c’est simple…
Cette vidéo vous aidera à mieux comprendre:

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  1. Nishar

    Hello chili I just purchase a Mc donald at chili play and it dedected my points… And what will I have to do with the code that I received… And is it free or I will have to pay…. By the way am from the north… Do u have another showroom nearby in the north

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      Hello Nishar, thanks for using CHiLi. As a privileged user, you get points for every recharge of your Chili SIM card. These points can then be used to get deals available on Chili Play app. If you have points remaining, you can redeem all points by purchasing more gifts. To know how many points you have, you should go to menu -> my account -> points. To get your voucher(s), you can either come to our Ebene Showroom to collect same, or send us screenshots of codes received by inboxing us through our Facebook page together with your full name and address and we shall send you the voucher(s) by post.

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