Les produits Chili | Our products

Les produits Chili | Our products

Des produits pour usage domestique et en entreprise

Products for domestic and enterprise use

L’Internet pour toute la famille


  • Double connexion, 3G & Wi-Fi
  • Services internet et SMS | Data and SMS services
  • Se connecte directement aux ordinateurs via USB | Plugs directly into PCs and laptops through USB
  • Se connecte jusqu’à 10 appareils Wi-Fi | Connects to up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices

Rs 1500 (Inc VAT)

C-Wingle (avec chargeur électrique)


  • Double connexion, 3G & Wi-Fi
  • Services internet et SMS | Provides Data & SMS services
  • Se connecte directement aux ordinateurs via USB | Plugs directly into PCs and laptops through USB
  • Se connecte aussi à jusqu’à 10 appareils Wi-Fi | Also Connects up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices

Rs 1675 (Inc VAT)

Connectez jusqu’à 32 postes

C-Box( WiFi internet & telephone)

C-Box (Huawei) (with box)

  • Double connexion, Ethernet Port & Wi-Fi
  • Services internet, vocaux et SMS | Provides Data, Voice & SMS services
  • Capable de vocalisation (pour appels telephoniques) | Voice service enabled (for phone calls)
  • Se connecte à 2 ports Ethernet et jusqu’à 32 appareils Wi-Fi | Connects 2 Ethernet Ports & up to 32 Wi-Fi-enabled devices

Rs 2850 (Inc VAT)

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    1. Post author

      Yes, you can recharge your Chili mobile through MCB Bank. Various options are made available through MCB bank to recharge your mobile as:
      – Internet Banking
      – MCB ATMs
      – Text Messaging to 8700 (pre-registration is required)
      – Juice by MCB

    1. Prem Tiwari

      Dear Aditi, You may Call our Call centre on 8960 or visit any MTML Shop for PUK code, which shall be given to you after due customer verification.

    1. Chili Team

      Yes, MTML has shop at Port Louis, Address- 10, Ground Floor, CSK Building, Sir CelliCourt Antelme Street, Opposite Air Mauritius Building. Contact- 5291 0060. You can NANO SIM at the shop.

  1. Reza Mohammad

    What is the cost of Chilli Sim Card?
    Also, is there any pack so that I can make unlimited call to Chill as I was getting in India’s MTML no.
    Send me all attractive Plan and one more thing how to make international call chipper (India, Saudi Arabia etc.).
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Reza Mohammad

    1. Chili

      Hello Reza, the cost of a CHILI SIM card is Rs 100 , but you get Rs 100 talk value in it. We have daily pack at RS 40.25 and weekly pack at Rs 138 to make Unlimited calls to any CHILI Mobile. Please use CHILI to make most economical International calls, for India at Rs 2/min and for Saudi Arabia at Rs 8/min.

    1. Post author
      Chili admin

      CHiLi regular SIM cards are available at MTML Shops as well as with select retails shops.
      The regular SIM kit has Normal and Micro SIM.
      However CHILI Nano SIM cards are available only at MTML shops.

    1. Chiliman

      Hello. We do not currently have the 1GB Rs 98 promo available. However, we will have more interesting promos coming soon. Stay tuned.

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Sir/Madam, yes we provide credit facilities by CIM Finance. If you are already a CIM client visit our CHiLi Shop with your NID for credit application. If you are a new client you need to bring your Payslip,NID card and latest utility bills.

  2. Tejas

    Dear chilli team I am a mtnl Mumbai user n coming to Mauritius for job for 3 yrs so what is the procedure to keep my mtnl number activate on mtml chill

    1. CHiLi

      Dear Sir/Madam we welcome you to Mauritius. Being an MTNL user you can activate your roaming service from India and once you reach Mauritus you can select CHiLi network and make and receive calls as per your opted plan. We would advise you, once you reach Mauritius, to purchase a CHiLi SIM card to be able to enjoy lowest local call rates and lowest call rates to India as well.

  3. davina

    i am looking for a portable modem for wifi connection…prepaid internet package…i usually move a lot around the island and would like to have a sort of chili modem to be able to use wifi…do you provide this service?

  4. Sweety sissoagur

    Hi…happy new year….I am using the wireless phone at home….but it has turned old….n hving some issues with its battery n at time….wish to change it…coz most of the time elders use it…gn help thm ….may I know the cost to exchange it for a new one??…regards

    1. CHiLi

      Hello Sweety, Happy New Year !
      You can replace your existing MTML number with our new WP zte 228. Please visit any MTML shop for needful. New equipment will cost you Rs 1725/-.

  5. Krishna

    If i use a chili sim card and my wife has a freedom plan packege from mtml, will she pay for any call made to my chili sim?

  6. YB

    Hello I would like to know how to recharge??and if I already have a sim on my mobile ,do I have to buy another sim for the ZTE EVDO??

  7. Jessica

    Chili is the best , really enjoy using chili mainly for good promotion for package, Thxs chili for your wonderful services…

  8. Sylvain

    Hello,do you have a shop in Ebène ?If yes where ? I wish to have more info on your fix phone and internet at home.
    Thank you for kind reply.

    1. CHiLi

      Hello, we do have a shop in Ebene near intermart in MTML Tower. You can visit us or call on 8960 for your questions.

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