WiFi Internet

Now connect your devices or create your own WiFi zone anywhere with CHiLi


Rs 1500 (Incl VAT)


• 2 ways connectivity, 3G & Wi-Fi
• Provides Data & SMS services
• Directly plug with PC or Laptop
• Also Connects upto 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices

C-Wingle   (with Power Adapter)

 Rs 1675 (Incl VAT)

C_Wingle with adapter


  • 2 ways connectivity, 3G & Wi-Fi
  • Provides Data & SMS services
  • Connects upto 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices

C-Box    (Wi-Fi Internet & Telephone)

 Rs 2850 (Incl VAT)



  • 2 ways connectivity, Ethernet Port & Wi-Fi
  • Provides Data, Voice & SMS services
  • Connects 2 Ethernet Ports & upto 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Voice service enabled, connect a phone and make calls



Choose an Internet Plan

Enjoy faster, quicker and better internet with a plan that’s right for you.

PackagevalidityPackage Fee Rs. (Incl. VAT)Activation Code to send to 8200 (For prepaid)
40 MB + 20 SMS1 Day6act daily
400 MB + 50 SMS7 Days45act weekly
1.25 GB + 125 SMS30 Days225act 1gb
2.5 GB + 250 SMS30 Days425act 2gb
5GB + 500 SMS30 Days800act 5gb
10GB30 Days 1400act 10gb
Unlimited Data *7 Days517.5act data7d
Unlimited 1 Night #1 Night (From 22 hrs to 7 hrs)56.4act data1n
Pay as you go (RS./MB)
(1.725 cents/10KB)act net

* Beyond the Fair Usage Limit of 5GB  the data speedwill be limited to 512Kbps. After receiving the pack activation SMS, Stop and Re-Start the Mobile data package benefit effective.

# Stop and Re-Start the Mobile data after 2200 Hrs to make the package benefit effective.




RFQ for Running Customer care & Call center No.: MTML/CC/01/2019  Dated: 16-05-2019

Mahanagar Telephone (Mauritius) Ltd. (MTML) invites sealed quotes from eligible bidders as per eligibility conditions of RFQ, for Running Customer Care Center (MTML shops) and Call Center (Help Desk)   for a period of one year further extendable for one more year.  

The bid document can be can be purchased for Rs. 2000 from MTML headquarters, 63, Cyber City Ebene or downloaded from MTML website www.chili.mu . In case of downloaded form, the cost of form shall be submitted along with the bid.

  The completed bid document shall be submitted latest by 14:00hrs on 24-06-2019.   MTML reserves the right to modify any terms of RFQ and cancel the procurement process at any stage without assigning any reason. The cost of bidding is to be borne solely by the bidder.


RFP - Download

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