Value Added Services

  • SMS subscriptions

    (Rs./month for each service.)

    CHILI offers various SMS subscription categories like Jokes, Bollywood gossips, Astrology Services, etc listed in the service catalog below



  • Missed call alert

    Now you don’t need to worry if you are out of coverage area or busy or when your mobile runs out of battery. Your CHILI mobile phone makes it easy for you to find out who called while you were unreachable. Along with the call timings.

    Now activate the MCA service and get notification of missed call when your phone is busy or switched off.


    Send SMS act mca to 8200 (toll free) from your CHILI mobile phone.


    To deactivate MCA, call our Call Centre or visit any Customer Service Centres and place your request.


    Rental: Rs 10/month

  • Emergency Credit facility

    We know it’s annoying when you run out of prepaid credit and can’t recharge straight away, so that’s why we bring CHILI credit facility.

    CHILI Credit Facility is a SOS service that enables customers to request for airtime (credit) in advance without using physical recharge cards to top up their airtime balance. The customer is required to send SMS “CREDIT “ to 8300 to get the credit talk time.

    Get airtime, anytime and anywhere with CHILI Credit facility!

    The following are the condition apply for the service –

    • At least one recharge done on the Mobile
    • Available Mobile Credit balance should be less than Rs 10
    • The service charge will be recovered on post credit.

    Credit eligibility as below

    Minimum Age of Mobile on NetworkCredit to be given to the customerService Charge
    Less than 3 monthsRs 5Rs 0.5
    3 to 12 monthsRs 10Rs 1
    12 to 24 months Rs 20 or Rs 30Rs 2 or Rs 3
    More than 24 months Rs 20 or Rs 30 or Rs 40Rs 2 or Rs 3 or Rs 4

    How to get the Service

    Send SMS “CREDIT” to 8300 or  call ”  *777#   “.

    Benefits of Service

    • Makes access to airtime possible, anytime and anywhere.
    • Ability to address emergency; customer is given opportunity to have access to airtime at awkward times, thus staying connected.
    • Ability to keep in touch with family, friends and loved ones at any time.
    • Gives a sense of security at all times.

    Service Charge:

    There will be a 10% service charge for any amount borrowed.

    Service Eligibility:

    Customers can only borrow airtime based on the following factors:

    • An active line: meaning customer’s line has not been suspended or deactivated
    • The prepaid customer must have recharged his mobile at least once prior to the date of request for credit facility
    • Customer must be a pre-paid customer
    • The customer must have re-paid all earlier availed credit.

    Repayment of Advance Airtime

    Customers of the service will be required to repay the advance credit within a period of 48 hours from when the customer’s line is credited.

    CHILI will deduct the Credit airtime availed from the user’s account at the time of next recharge whether or not the customer uses the credit airtime borrowed.

    The advance airtime will be deducted from subsequent recharges by customers either in full or by partial recovery until Advance airtime is recovered.

  • Voice Mail

    (Rs./ instance)
    • To activate voice mail please dial the call forwarding code forwarded by 59599996, and your call will be transferred to your voice mailbox as per your selection made under call transfer.How To

      • To activate voice mail Retrieval : Dial *40, the Press Call/Send Key
      • The Default security code is 1234
    • Deposit


    • Retrieval


  • MMS

    Charges per MMS

    MMS Setting

    Access Point Name (APN): wapmtml
    Data Bearer – Packet data
    Proxy server Address:
    Proxy port number: 80

  • Closed User group (minimum 10 members)

    CHILI Closed User Group plan enables CHILI Mobile users in this group to make outgoing calls to each other at as low as Rs 0.40/ min.

    Benefits of Closed User Group Calling:

    • Calls at very low rate than regular calls tariff within the group
    • Group of CHILI (GSM) and MTML CDMA can formed
    • Group of Pre-paid ad Post-paid Mobiles can be formed.
    • No restrictions on incoming calls
    • Option allows for outgoing calls outside the group at regular tariff rate
    • The size of the calling group can vary, from a minimal number to almost an unlimited number of users
    • Phone costs can be better budgeted and kept under control

    For more information regarding Closed User Group Calling, please contact our call centre or customer service center


    WAP portal featuring thousands of premium Images, Videos, Games, RingTones, Wallpapers, Music and many more….

    Download at

    Note: To access the WAP Portal GPRS service should be enabled and the following APN configuration in the handset (APN: wapmtml, Proxy Sever:, Port:80)

  • Mobile Chat


    Chat with CHILI customers as well as customers of partner networks in INDIA

    How To

    • To chat, user needs to type keyword as “CHAT” and send to 8889
    • To register, the user sends the message REG to 8889. If the
      nickname chosen by the user is not available, the application automatically adds a number
      suffix to the chosen nickname and registers the user to the application.
    • To find friends, the user types the message FIND and sends to 8889. E.g. FIND 25 F
    • To send the chat message, send TXT to 8889
    • To add a buddy, the user will send an SMS, ADD to 8889
    • To view your buddy list, user will send BUDDY to 8889
    • To chat to the buddy,send TXT <3 digit code> to 8889
    • To remove a buddy from buddy list, a user will send REMOVE <3 digit code> to 8889
    • To Block a buddy, the user sends BLOCK to 8889
    • To view Blocked list, the user sends an SMS – UNBLOCK to 8889
    • To unblock, a user sends UNBLOCK to 8889
    • To unregister, the user sends UNREG to 8889


  • Push Email

    • CHILI brings Push Mail & Vault services (Bharat Sync) for its esteemed customer. By using this service, CHILI customer will be able to get email pushed to their mobile phone virtually from any of their email accounts as well as perform synchronisation of their Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks across their mobile phone and MTML server.


    • Push Mail & Corporate Mail


    • PIM Sync

      ** A Govt. Levy of 10 cents/SMS or MMS will be additional.

      VAT extra wherever applicable


  • 3 Way conferencing


    The service offered FREE for all MTML customers.How To

    When you are in a conversation, you can originate a new call by dialing the new number and pressing the Call/Send key. When the called number pick the call, press Call/Send key again and all the three numbers are in conference.


VAT extra wherever applicable




RFP for Deployment of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) ,  No.: MTML/RFP/5G/2022/01   Dated: 05-08-2022

Mahanagar Telephone (Mauritius) Ltd. (MTML) invites sealed Global RFP from eligible bidders as per eligibility conditions of RFP, under two-stage bid system for Deployment of 5G Radio Access Network (RAN) in MTML, Mauritius on turnkey basis.

The bid document can be purchased from the office of MTML at 63, Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius on payment of USD 1000 or MUR 45,000. The bid document can also be downloaded from MTML website ''.

The last date for submitting the completed bid document is 16-09-2022.

MTML reserves the right to modify any terms of RFP or cancel the procurement process at any stage without assigning any reason. The cost of bidding is to be borne solely by the bidder.

RFP - Download

Note that the attached RFP document is password protected. To get the password, please contact us through either email: (or) call on +230 5961 0023.

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