1. What is CHILI?

    CHILI is the brand name of GSM Service from MTML

  2. What is the cost of a call? Do you charge per second?

    Yes, we offer per Second Plan. For more details refer to the tariff table

  3. If I make only a 5 seconds call? How much will I be charged?

    MTML charges on per second basis for CHILI Mobile hence the charge would be for 5 seconds only

  4. Does CHILI (GSM mobile) tariff applies to CDMA mobile also?

    The tariff for CDMA is different from the tariff of CHILI Mobile. Kindly refer the related tariff section for CHILI and CDMA.

  5. What is Off Peak time?

    Off Peak Time is the time when you can enjoy calling at lower rate in some of the plans. The Off Peak Time for CHILI Mobile is from Monday to Saturday, from 19:00hrs. to 7:00 hrs of the next day and, on Sunday full day.

  6. Which is better CDMA or GSM? What is the difference?

    • CDMA and GSM are two technologies on which Mobile service operates.
    • Both technologies have their own advantages.
    • However with CHILI Mobile (MTML GSM) subscribers can enjoy services like International Roaming, International SMS,
    • Choosing Mobile Handsets, and some extra Value Added Services.
  7. Where can I buy CHILI Mobile? What are the documents required to purchase a Prepaid and Postpaid SIM Card?

    MTML has its Customer Care Centers and strong retail distribution network across the island, which sells CHILI SIM cards and recharge coupons.

    Documents required for Prepaid: National ID Card.

    Documents required for Post Paid: National ID Card & Proof of Address.

  8. I have an Orange / Emtel number, will I be able to keep the same number on CHILI Mobile?

    The regulation in Mauritius does not allow Mobile Number Portability i.e. keeping the same number with other mobile operator.

    However we will try our best to give you the last 3-4 matching numbers as your existing mobile number if available.

  9. I have a CDMA – MTML phone, will I be able to keep the same number on CHILI Mobile?

    The number series for CHILI GSM are different from MTML CDMA number series.

    As CDMA and GSM are two different mobile technologies, so the numbers cannot be retained.

  10. I have an MTML CDMA Phone (Prepaid / Postpaid), can I change to CHILI Mobile ? Is there any additional cost?

    As CDMA and GSM are two different technologies, CDMA phones will not operate on GSM network.

    You need to have a purchase GSM mobile handset to put CHILI SIM card in it.

  11. I have recently bought a CDMA phone from MTML, can I exchange with a GSM phone from MTML free of cost?

    Currently there is no such exchange offer. CDMA phones cannot be exchanged by CHILI Mobile (GSM service).

    In CDMA you will need to pay for the handset along with the service. However in case of CHILI Mobile (Prepaid or Postpaid), you need to get a SIM card (the cost of SIM is as low as Rs 100) and put it into GSM Mobile phone of your choice purchased separately.

  12. Do you sell GSM mobile phones?

    Yes, we do sell GSM Mobile Phones through our MTML Customer Service Centers. For more details kindly dial our call centre or visit the product section of this website.

  13. What are the advantages of CHILI?

    MTML is the latest entrant as GSM mobile service provider with state of the art technology, so we are a Congestion Free Mobile Network…

    Other benefits of CHILI Mobile are:

    – 3G (3rd generation) Mobile ready network

    – Best tariff structure (at least 25% economical than other operators)

    – Unique feature of getting paid on incoming calls

    – Option of choosing 3 numbers of other operators and calling them at discounted rates (Family numbers)

  14. Will you still provide service for CDMA?

    The CDMA schemes/plans will remain as it is. MTML provides the services on both CDMA and GSM networks.

  15. My CDMA phone is broken, and I want to exchange for a GSM one?

    CDMA phone cannot be exchanged for CHILI Mobile (GSM)

  16. I’m going abroad; will I have access in other countries? Can I roam with CHILI?

    Yes, CHILI Mobile has roaming tie-up with most of the leading mobile operators across the world. So you can go for Tension free Roaming anywhere in the world. For more details kindly call our Call Centers or visit the roaming pages of this website

  17. What should I dial (code) to make international call? What is the tariff?

    To make an International call, just dial 00 (double zero) followed by country code and mobile/ Phone number.

    For more details kindly call our Call Centers or visit the International Calling page of this website.

  18. Do you have coverage everywhere in Mauritius? Does it work in Rodrigues?

    MTML has coverage all across the island.

    We are in the process of having roaming tie up with mobile operators in Rodrigues.

  19. Is there any additional cost to Voicemail? How does it work? How much does it cost, deposit of message and retrieval of message?

    No, there is no additional cost for activation and as a deposit for Voicemail service. However Voice mail retrieval charges are just Rs 0.90/min.

    For activating Voicemail service, diverted all incoming calls to the Voice Mail number- 59599995.

  20. How to activate GPRS? What is the cost? If I exceed the limit given, will there be any additional cost? What is the speed?

    For Prepaid: send SMS ‘act net’ to 8200.

    For Postpaid: send SMS ‘act gprs’ to 8200.

    For more details about tariff and activation, please call our Call Centers or visit the Internet page of this website.

  21. What is the Family Number Service and how to activate it?

    Family Number is a Value Added service that enables you to call up to 3 numbers of any networks at lower call rate.

    To add a preferred number, dial *120* Preferred phone number #.

    For more details about tariff and activation, please call our Call Centre or visit the Value Add section of the website.

  22. Do you have FREEDOM Plan on GSM?

    Freedom plan is available only on MTML CDMA. On CHILI Mobile (GSM) we have a package that allows the user to make unlimited calls to any MTML number for one day at a price of Rs. 39 only. For CHILI Mobile (GSM) plans, please visit the CHILI pages of this website or call our Call Centers.

  23. I have a CDMA – MTML phone on FREEDOM plan, if I make calls on CHILI phones, will it be free?

    Calls to CHILI Mobile will be charged at 30 cents/min and SMS to CHILI Mobile will be at 20 cents/SMS from Freedom Plan.

  24. What is the SMS service centre number?

    SMS Service Centre Number of CHILI Mobile – +2309699997.

  25. What are the denominations of scratch cards that you have? Where can I buy a scratch card? Do you have e-pin or e-voucher?

    The denominations of CHILI Mobile recharge cards are: Rs25, Rs50, Rs100 and Rs 300.

    The cards are available across the country through our retail channel partners. For more details please call our Call Centre or visit the Products page of this website.

  26. Will a Mokoze scratch card work on a prepaid CHILI Mobile?

    Yes, MOKOZE card will work on CHILI Mobile

  27. Can I use the CHILI SIM Card on any mobile?

    CHILI SIM cards can be used on any GSM/ 3G Mobile handset.

  28. Can I transfer money from one CHILI Mobile to another CHILI Mobile? Can I transfer money from MTML CDMA Prepaid mobile to CHILI Prepaid mobile?

    Yes, CHILI Mobile customer can recharge another CHILI Mobile or MTML CDMA mobile by Balance Transfer service and vice versa. Procedure for balance transfer: Dial *333*<Amount>*<Phone No.>*<Password>#.

  29. How can I set Caller Ring Back Tunes (CRBT) set on my mobile ?

    The CRBT can be set by dialing 8585 from CHILI Mobile

  30. Does CHILI provide Micro and Nano SIM cards?

    Yes, CHILI provides Regular, Micro and Nano SIM cards.

  31. How can I recharge my CHILI Mobile account?

    Scratch off the security area of your Recharge card to reveal the 13 digits PIN

    Dial *111* enter 13 digit PIN #

  32. I want to recharge my friend’s CHILI Mobile . How can I do it?

    You can recharge any CHILI Mobile number:

    • Dial 59591111 from any phone
    • Select language by pressing 1 for English, 2 for French, 3 for Hindi or 4 for Chinese.
    • Press 1 if you want to recharge your own account or 2 if you want to recharge any other account.
    • Follow instructions.
  33. I have a phone of another operator but I wish to use the ILD of MTML, Can I do it?

    Yes, You can recharge CHILI /MTML cards on any phone for ILD calls

    • Dial 8000061 and press to register (For first time only).
    • Dial 8000061 and Select language by pressing 1 for English, 2 for French, 3 for Hindi or 4 for Chinese.
    • Press 1 if you want to recharge your account or 2 if you want to Query balance.
      • To make a ILD call dial 061followed by country code and the phone number.
  34. How can I check the balance of CHILI Prepaid Mobile?

    • Dial *222# .
    • You will receive and SMS with Balance and validity information
  35.  How can I check my CHiLi Mobile number?

    • Dial *666# .
  36. How can I get Emergency SOS or advance talk-time on my CHiLi Prepaid Mobile?

    • Send SMS “CREDIT” to 8300 or  call ”  *777#   “.



RFP for Towers & Infrastructure Painting & Maintenance,  No.: MTML/01/2022/Tower Mtce    Dated: 15-12-2022

Mahanagar Telephone (Mauritius) Ltd (MTML) invites sealed global tenders (RFP) for Repair and Maintenance of its Mobile BTS Towers and related infrastructure items installed in different parts of Mauritius.

The tender document can be purchased from O/o CFO MTML, 63, Cybercity, Ebene on payment of MUR 2000 only. Alternatively, the tender document can be downloaded from our website www.chili.mu/services in which case the bidder shall submit a DD of MUR 2000 or USD 45 (through TT) alongwith the bid towards the cost of RFP document, failing which the offer will not be accepted.

The completed bids should reach MTML latest by 14:00 Hrs on 15th Feb  2023 which shall be opened on the same day in the presence of those bidders who may wish to be present at their own cost.  Prospective bidders may contact on +230-59610035 for physical site survey. The cost of bidding is to be borne solely by the bidders.

Note: The tender document is password protected. Please contact us on email : mtml@mtmltd.net to get the password.

Tender - Download

Clarifications - Download

Amendment - Download

Play Pause